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26 04 2019

For a while, everyone was waiting to see if the Ombudsman would recommend nullifying the “election,” the Election Commission continues to chip away at the result.

It didn’t. Oddly, though the Ombudsman decided “to ask the Constitutional Court to rule whether some provisions of the MP law involving the allocation of party-list MPs are constitutional…”. Yes, they are asking again, after the Court rejected the EC’s petition on this.

Confused? So is PPT. We are not sure of anything much at all about this “election” and its results. Perhaps the whole thing is some kind of charade?

What is clear is that the EC is continuing, ever so slowly, to chip away at the result of the junta’s “election.”

For example, the EC seems to be taking seriously a complaint lodged against the qualifications of Seri Ruam Thai Party leader Pol Gen Seripisut Temiyavet. Surawat Sangkharuek accused Seripisut “of lacking the qualifications to apply to be an MP candidate” because he was once “temporarily dismissed from the police force in 2008 during the Samak Sundaravej administration.”

Of course, Seripisut has been critical of the junta and joined the coalition announced with Puea Thai after the election.

He “shrugged off the petition and described the individual who sought the probe as a ‘hired gun’.”

Meanwhile, the EC is going ahead with its party list count that rewards micro-parties and the junta. Doing this risks never-ending law suits.

The EC insists, despite seemingly contradictory statements, that it will confirm a 95% result on 9 May.

It’s a mess.



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