Protecting the monarchy II

30 04 2019

A couple of days ago PPT posted on a person slapped with a four-year prison term without suspension for illegally selling coronation pins. At the time, we mentioned that this prison term was one that might have been given to lese majeste victim (if they are lucky enough to get a “light” sentence) or someone charged with sedition.

As it has turned out, the possible sentence for the “crime” of selling fake coronation brooches is actually more than for lese majeste!!

We found another  report, where the Prime Minister’s Office has warned both “manufacturers and sellers of fake coronation brooches that they could be jailed for up to 20 years and fined up to 400,000 baht.”

The report states that the junta has assigned the Prime Minister’s Office to “produce and sell the coronation brooches to the general public. All proceeds from the sales will go to His Majesty the King’s charities.”

The junta has urged “the public to wear the coronation brooches from April to July this year,” and claims that demand is high.



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