Updated: Coronation arrests

2 05 2019

This story is less exciting than the headline might suggest.

The Bangkok Post reports on one more of those raids the Immigration authorities call “foreigner round-ups.” There were quite a few of these racist round-ups under the missing but apparently still living Big Joke. This particular round-up was in “20 provinces in the Northeast during the past five days.”

Pol Maj Gen Natthawat Karndee, chief of Immigration Division 4, “said authorities have stepped up measures to prevent foreigners entering the country illegally and who may cause trouble ahead of His Majesty the King’s coronation ceremony.”

Of those 478 arrested, “335 entered the country illegally, nine overstayed their visas, 16 were working without permission, 116 had committed other offences, and two were wanted on arrest warrants.”

Pol Maj Gen Natthawat added that “86 foreigners suspected of posing security risks had been denied entry into the country at immigration checkpoints…”.

Can it be true that about 560 foreigners posed a threat to the coronation? Of course not, but that’s what’s reported.

Update: A story has emerged on Big Joke. While no one involved has said why he was suddenly taken into custody and sacked, he has been “given the first assignment for his civilian life — giving advice to the Prime Minister’s Office on how to improve public service.” Really? In any case, it isn’t clear he showed up for the job. The excuse is that he is meant to meet Patcharaporn Intreyonk, “but she was busy with the preparations for coronation ceremonies.”

The coronation seems a great cover for all manner of things.



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