Junta, ISOC and the “election” outcome

8 05 2019

With the military junta about to complete its transition from military dictatorship to military-backed government, with the unelected Senate about to be named and the gaggle of party-list seats also about to be announced, a couple of lines in a story in the Bangkok Post caught our eye:

One of the NCPO’s greatest achievements is that it has been able to maintain peace and order during the past five years, he [Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha] said.

The prime minister said that the NCPO plans to hand over its tasks to the Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc) when it steps down from power. Isoc will be restructured to accommodate this, he said.

What that means is that ISOC will now be responsible for political repression throughout the country. Its impunity and carte blanche mandate suggest that those who favor freedom and democracy should be very afraid. ISOC has been arresting torturing and murdering regime opponents for decades.