On stealing the election XIII

9 05 2019

Within minutes of the Election Commission handing out party list seats to a gaggle of mostly unknown micro-parties, all but one of them have put up their individual hand to give their seat to the junta’s Palang Pracharath.

The other party will join “soon.” Perhaps they have to go to the bank first.

This situation is exactly what was predicted and what the junta wanted and planned for.

When one of them, Pichet Sathirachawal, leader of unknown Thai People Justice Party, announced the decision “on behalf of 10 parties,” the only conclusion that can be drawn is that the 10 parties are junta creations or at least rented by the junta.

They act as a group because they are the paid proxies and puppets of the junta.

The complicity of the EC and of the Constitutional Court in conniving with the military junta to steal the election is more or less complete.



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