Where are they? II

17 05 2019

Regime and monarchy critics Chucheep Chivasut (known as Uncle Sanam Luang), Siam Theerawut, and Kritsana Tupthai have been forcibly disappeared, may have been detained incommunicado or may have been killed. No one seems to know.

The junta has to come clean on their disappearance, whether that’s saying exactly where they are or bringing them before a court.

In the meantime, readers may find two recent accounts useful. First, on the hunting down of exiled critics of the monarchy, see Pravit Rojanaphruk’s op-ed. Second, read Korakot Phiangjai’s excellent account of Siam’s life and wonder how it is that such a person becomes an “enemy” and is hunted down by a murderous regime.

Thailand has been through some dark times and things do not look like they are going to improve.



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