Save Faiyen

20 05 2019

Readers may have seen several social media memes referring to saving the exiled Faiyen band, who are in Laos. They went into exile following the 2014 coup and are regarded as anti-monarchist. One meme is attributed to the band itself:

The band members fear that they are now being hunted by those who are responsible for the forced disappearance and murder of several of their fellow exiles. Most are assuming that Thai paramilitary forces responsible for these extra-judicial actions against those considered “threats” to the monarchy and its political regime.

In fact, these exiles should pose little threat to a powerful military and a wealthy and increasingly powerful monarch. However, it seems both have come to the view that their ideological hold over the population through the promotion of the monarchy is now somewhat shaky and that drastic action is necessary. Before Vajiralongkorn became king, the lese majeste law was vigorously used to eradicate growing anti-monarchism. After he came to the throne, this use of lese majeste ended. What we now see is enforced disappearances and brutal murders.



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