Injustice and hunting dissidents

22 05 2019

The Thai Alliance for Human Rights has post reproducing the ไทย text of a statement by the Thai Academic Network for Civil Rights and an unofficial translation to English. The statement is “The Hunting of Dissidents who are Refugees in other Countries.” It begins:

The political conflict over the past several decades doesn’t only cause problems for the people arrested, imprisoned, and charged with crimes, or those who die and are wounded. It also causes problems for the many people who flee to other countries, because Thai law and society don’t give any space to people with opinions that are quite different. Meanwhile, the justice procedures are not in a condition that they can assure justice. Most of those political refugees not only must live with difficulty, they must also be ready to flee those who hunt them extra-judicially, as this sort of violence has increased continuously from 2016 until now.

Its calls for the protection of dissidents in other countries. Importantly, that call is also directed to the offices of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, saying the UN “must give protection to the Thai refugees in a systematic and serious way…”.



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