Shaky regime V

25 06 2019

After saying he’d have a cabinet in place this week, The Dictator has surfaced and now states that it will be the middle of next month before it is established, apparently allowing the king a couple of weeks to consider the list while holidaying in Europe (as ever). That will be almost four months after the junta’s rigged election.

Bizarrely, some ministers may be those who “face lawsuits…”. Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha also confirmed that the multiple parties in his “coalition” have nominated too many ministers and that some will be left out.

The wheeling and dealing is still going on.

We can’t help wondering about the share deal stuff. On Tuesday, the “Supreme Administrative Court … dismissed a request for its ruling on the legitimacy of the Senate selection process because the issue was outside its scope.”

That does seem a reasonable position for that court. The weight falls on the Constitutional Court. The Court decides on Wednesday whether to accept the case. Of course, this court has a history of political bias.



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