Another cowardly attack III

29 06 2019

Prachatai reports “Activist Sirawith attacked in broad daylight.” The attack at about 11.30 am was by thugs in “a crowded area with a lot of witnesses who subsequently contacted his mother and called an ambulance.”

Sirawith was at first sent to Navamin Hospital with major head injuries. He was “unresponsive and unable to speak.”

At about 2 pm, Sirawith’s mother Patnaree Charnkij said he also “has a broken nose and eye socket. He was having difficulty breathing and was on oxygen, but MRI scans found no brain haemorrhage. Subsequent doctor’s examination also found that Sirawith is unable to see with his right eye.” He was transferred to the Mission Hospital. He was in intensive care.

Patnaree reported the assault to police and “gave investigators the clothes her son was wearing during the attack as evidence.” She also “filed a complaint with the police…”.

What wasn’t reported is that when she attended the police station, uniformed military also showed up. While we are sure that the junta has a “reason” to give for this presence, it seems to us that it is just more intimidation. It is mafia-like behavior. Unfortunately, this is not at all remarkable as the regime behaves in these thuggish ways.

Prachatai’s editorial team has released a statement. Part of it states:

This is the 11th political assault since 2018, and public sentiment is growing more intense as progress in all investigations is next to zero. Justice delayed is justice denied, and the Thai state’s failure to bring the perpetrators to justice only encourages impunity and a license to harm and kill.

We assume that this total does not include those anti-monarchy activists disappeared and murdered in neighboring countries.

It continues:

No matter who is responsible, this qualifies as terrorism, defined as the use of violence which aims to generate fear in the general public for political purposes. And when the Thai state fails repeatedly to prevent the assaults, the term ‘state-sponsored terrorism’ starts to become appropriate.

Reflecting on yellow-shirted cheering of attacks on activists, pointing to one by Siripong Rassamee, an MP for the junta’s Phalang Pracharat Party, who posted on Facebook saying “he [Sirawith] deserves more.” Responding to this barbarity, the statement adds:

… opinion which discredits the integrity of the activists or devalues their right to basic personal security makes it easier for complacent, and maybe complicit authorities to sleep at night and let the assaults continue. A culture of violence is allowed to ferment and this justifies the on-going impunity.

We think the junta knows exactly who is responsible for these barbarous attacks. And, it is responsible for unleashing the thugs. PPT has pointed this out some time ago. The regime’s silence condemns it.



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