Prayuth’s hissy fit

26 07 2019

Khaosod reports that by his second day of dealing with parliament, Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has had a hissy fit. He spat the dummy. He threw a wobbly. He flung a kibby. He soiled his nappy. Or, as the report has it, Gen Prayuth engaged in a “spectacular display of fury…”.

We at PPT predicted that The Dictator wouldn’t be able to stomach parliament for very long, but this head explosion came sooner than even we expected.

The report states that “Prayuth’s outburst came amid a particularly heated war of words between with Seri Ruam Thai Party chairman Sereepisut Temiyavet, who accused the government of “cheating” its way into power in the March election…”.

Poking Gen Prayuth, Seripisut stated: “If I were him, I wouldn’t be this shameless and still hold on to power…”.

Prayuth angrily responded that he would no longer consider Seripisut his respected senior. He then “slammed his documents on the desk before striding off, trailed by other government leaders like Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan.” Opposition MPs jeered the General.

Seripisut was then expelled from parliament. Prayuth remained angry and nasty. He won’t take this for very long.



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