Calling on the military

20 08 2019

It is well understood, almost everywhere, that the current regime is born of and remains a military regime. Sure, that it created a military-backed party has confused some world leaders or allowed them to ignore the martial nature of contemporary Thailand, but Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha’s regime relies on the military, perhaps as much as it did before it entered this civilian charade.

Turning from being a self-appointed prime minister to one voted on largely by minions the junta appointed to the senate, Gen Prayuth moved to cement his relationship with the military by making himself Minister of Defense. Chairing his first Defense Assembly session, Gen Prayuth:

… urged leaders of the armed forces and related departments to work in unison to support the government’s policies, especially on cooperation with the Ministry of a Digital Economy and Society, the National Security Council, and other agencies, on the enactment of cybersecurity related bills. He called on them to come up with suitable responses to cybersecurity threats in the future.

He also urged the defense agencies and the Internal Security Operations Command to ensure safety, apparently giving ISOC a tourism role. Perhaps this can be considered in line with increased efforts to increase the surveillance of foreigners in the country that ranges from tracking location and SIMs and monitoring the use of funds.

The message is clear: the military and Prayuth’s regime are joined at the hip. That connection means Thailand’s government is looking rather like a surveillance state.



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