Updated: Oafs and oaths

4 09 2019

We note that the military-backed regime has decided that it will allow a “debate” in parliament on the un/anti-constitutional oath “sworn” by Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha.

That “debate” will be for a full day on the day before parliament takes a break.

Unelected Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan, responsible for organizing the Palang Pracharath Party, the stolen election and much more shady dealing has tried to rule out “debate” on the real issue associated with the oath. That is, who was it who ordered that this un/anti-constitutional oath be sworn.

Gen Prawit babbled: “One day is enough. It is not a sensitive issue…”. But then he contradicted himself while demanding silence on the truth:

He did not mind if the debate went behind closed doors or not, but MPs should refrain from any speech that might concern an institution…. Gen Prawit said he expected the oath issue to be concluded in the parliament and not to be raised outside.

In other words, using a Thai neologism, Gen Prawit is declaring that the role of the king in this un/anti-constitutional episode when many believe the monarch is probably responsible. He also seeks to prevent any other discussion of the issue.

By doing this, Gen Prawit is more or less confirming that King Vajiralongkorn is responsible. If he wasn’t, then a snafu could have been declared and the whole matter resolved quickly. When the king is involved, it all gets more complicated and more sinister.

Update: Gen Prayuth has now made the outrageous claim that “his oath-taking in the cabinet swearing-in ceremony, saying he acted in compliance with the constitution.” Except that he didn’t. We suppose lying is not also unconstitutional. But never mind, that lie is probably a bit like the un/anti-constitutional oath in that he has “nothing to worry about because his intentions were pure.” Right…



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