Updated: Constitutional Court ignores constitution I

11 09 2019

As far as we can tell from breaking news, in among a bunch of technicalities, the Constitutional Court has behaved exactly as expected and said that there’s no constitutional problem with the prime minister and his ministers not swearing an oath as set out in the constitution.

From Ji Ungpakorn’s blog

We could surmise that, like more or less everyone else, the Court is spineless when faced with the king’s neo-feudal moves. But, then, the Court has been hopelessly politicized for years and has repeatedly made decisions that favor Thailand’s ruling class and the monarchy-military alliance.

The irony on this decisions – if we have it right – is that the Constitutional Court has ignored the constitution. Just as a heroin smuggler can be a minister, the constitution no longer matters. As we have long observed, Thailand ruling regime is essentially lawless. When you have a king who can do what he wants, who needs laws?

Update: The Bangkok Post reports on the Court’s decision:

The Constitutional Court on Wednesday threw out a complaint about the failure of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and his cabinet ministers to recite the complete oath of office.

The court voted unanimously that it had no authority to consider issues between the administrative branch and the monarchy.

In essence, while so much of the constitution refers to the monarchy, the Constitutional Court now claims to have no authority. Remarkable.

Remarkably feudal.

But what perfect timing! This decision takes the wind out of the opposition’s sails. We guess that is what it was meant to do.



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