Thammanat cops more heat

11 10 2019

Thug, fake degree holder, liar, standover man, influential person, government minister, convicted heroin smuggler. Not if you still listen to Minister Thammanat Prompao. The BBC has reported that as late as 4 October, he was sticking to his quite ridiculous lies. Minister Thammanat reportedly states that:

… he did not plead guilty to the charge, but instead asked for negotiations between his attorney and the court.

He said he had not been involved in drug smuggling. He said at the time of his arrest, he did not have much experience or enough money to fight the charge….

Clipped from The Nation

At the time he did invoke the name of then Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn.

The BBC went and had a look at the court documents in Australia, as the Australian journalists had already done, and confirmed the truth:

The court record showed that Manat Bophlom [the name Thammanat then went by] had admitted to the charge of conspiring to import a commercial quantity of heroin to Australia on November 15, 1993. The presiding judge handed down the verdict on March 31, 1994 and sentencing Manat to six years in jail.

The court said he would be eligible for release after serving at least four years of his sentence. Manat was deported from Australia after being imprisoned for four years in Sydney….

None of this is new. It is just that a second reputable news agency has looked at the court records and has found the newspaper account reliable and that, again, Minister Thammanat is proven to be a liar.

Meanwhile, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, which revealed Minister Thammanat’s involvement in a criminal conspiracy to import 3.2kg of heroin into Australia from Thailand reports that a Thai “parliamentary committee has vowed to ask Australia for details of a top cabinet minister’s criminal past after revelations he spent four years in a Sydney jail for heroin trafficking.”

Committee chair Seripisut Temiyavet is cited as promising “to use the committee’s authority to send an investigator to Sydney to examine court records. He will also send someone to Vanuatu as part of the investigation into Thammanat’s degrees, which are suspected to be bogus.” No need to “suspect.” Even if it were a “real” degree – which it ain’t – from a “real” university – which it ain’t – the plagiarism of half of a short “thesis” would make it bogus and demonstrate that Minister Thammanat is a cheat (although he may well lay the blame at whoever he hired to put his name on the bogus research).

Our first sentence was a little short. Add cheat to thug, fake degree holder, liar, standover man, influential person, government minister, convicted heroin smuggler. That’s Minister Thammanat of the junta’s Palang Pracharath Party.