Plowing the taxpayer’s back I

25 11 2019

Quite a long time ago, before the overthrow of the absolute monarchy, there was criticism of the king and aristocrats for plowing the backs of the people – exploiting them, sucking away their “wealth.”

We dug up a copy of a cartoon on this topic from an excellent thesis from 1992.It is happening again. One example is the king snaffling units of the police and military. In a summary of his grasping of police for “protecting” the monarchy. That filching was costing the taxpayer a minimum of 300 million baht for salaries alone and probably double and triple that for all the necessary trappings.

Another cost has just been revealed. It turns out that the “commando unit that has been reassigned to provide security for … the King and other members of the royal family” now needs to be replaced. Apparently, the acquisition of the commando unit, now a 904 outfit, meant that there was no special for “protecting” the rest of the population. The Crime Suppression Division “has established a new special weapons and tactics (Swat) unit to replace a commando unit…”.

It is reported that “CSD commander Pol Maj Gen Jirabhop Bhuridet said the newly-established SWAT unit will be responsible for operations which require specialised personnel and weapons.” He said “this unit should be considered as a key unit within the CIB…”.

In other words, the king’s actions left the public vulnerable. More, the taxpayer is shaken down twice. Once to pay even more for the king’s extra “protection” and a second time to pay for the public’s “protection.”

Where will the sucking of public resources into the palace end?



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