Going backwards V

5 02 2020

Khaosod has more on the royal vandalism on Rajadamnoen Avenue.

The fear has been that the Talibanization of the avenue will eventually mean the destruction of the Democracy Monument.

The massive renovation along a 1.2-km stretch of the road being promoted and managed by the Crown Property Bureau, and ordered by the king, “will transform 10 buildings along the historic avenue into a neoclassical style…”.

From Noom Apicha

However, an official who demanded anonymity, said the “monument will not be included in the plan…”. The official said: “Democracy Monument won’t be affected…. We shall carry on our duty. The administrators have tasked us to take care of it.”

The problem is that the story includes a lot of quotes from several officials that do no more than give rise to further concern that the bulldozers will level the monument.

The report claims “the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration recently took charge of caring for the 80-year-old monument…” and several others in the city. The “City Preservation Team” has six officials “responsible for preserving and cleaning 13 monuments and three dozen other historical sites around the capital.” That’s a lot of work for a few officials who will generally do anything they are ordered to do.

It gets shakier: “The BMA official in charge of protecting it said Democracy Monument should remain safe under the City Hall’s care – unless someone acted against it illegally.” But what do they do if the king’s representatives order the destruction. We guess that would be illegal, but the officials would only do as directed.

The official said “he is not aware of any proposed changes at Democracy Monument…”. He declared: “There’s none as of today…”. All of this could change tomorrow.

That the “Democracy Monument on Monday evening was surrounded by metal fences, preventing anyone from entering its ground” also raises concerns.

Worry for the Democracy Monument and protect it!



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16 02 2020
Going backwards VI | Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] We have posted a couple of times on the monarch’s plans for Crown Property Bureau buildings on Rajadamnoen Avenue and the fears that this royal vandalism amounts to a Talibanization of the avenue. Some worry that it might eventually mean the destruction of the Democracy Monument. […]

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