Muted media

7 02 2020

The Bangkok Post has an editorial that, among other things, criticizes the Royal Thai Army and Army chief Gen Apirat Kongsompong over leaks about a set of rules for how soldiers should sit, stand and other postures.

The editorial lashes Gen Apirat for deviating “from established military traditions and lay[ing] down his own set of rules of conduct that seem petty…”. Appearance hardly matters when the military has so many other problems (like running coups and murdering citizens with impunity).

That seems reasonable.

But why does the Bangkok Post (and most other media) not make similar observations regarding King Vajiralongkorn’s compulsive-obsessive orders to military and police about appearance (haircuts, uniforms, salutes, etc.).

The answer is obvious. The media is cowed. It is worried into self-censorship, royalists control much of the media and the king is frightening.



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