With 3 updates: Mourn for Korat

9 02 2020

Reports from Nakorn Ratchasima of a mass shooting, beginning at an Army base and then in a major shopping mall suggest more than 20 persons are dead and dozens injured.

Mourn for those killed and injured. Watch for how the military brass deals with this event.

Update 1: According to the BBC, “Thai soldier Jakraphanth Thomma killed his commanding officer, stole weapons from a military base, and went on to launch a devastating attack on civilians in the city of Korat.” Of course, getting weapons on base by a soldier is easy; there’s plenty of stories of weapons disappearing from bases.

Stories in the media: Bangkok Post, Khaosod, Thai PBS, The Nation, Aljazerra, CNN, CBS, MSN

Update 2: Bangkok Post reports that the soldier on a shooting rampage has been shot and killed.

Update 3: Latest figures on this tragedy are that 27 are dead and 57 wounded.

New online newspaper Thai Enquirer has shown up its longer-established competitors. The op-ed by Jasmine Chia is well worth reading. So too it the brief overview of Thai gun laws and statistics. Wikipedia notes: “In 2016 Thailand’s rate of violent gun-related deaths stood at 4.45 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. In comparison, that of the Philippines was 7.42; the US, 3.85; Cambodia, 0.96; Myanmar, 0.56; Malaysia, 0.46; Indonesia, 0.10; and Singapore, 0.03.”



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