Updated: Another party dissolution

22 02 2020

As expected, Thailand’s politicized Constitutional Court has dissolved the Future Forward Party and banned its executives from formal politics for 10 years.

Since the 2006 military coup, the Constitutional Court has become an appendage of rightist-royalist regimes and has dissolved major political parties in 2007, 2008, and 2019.

For a very useful background on the Future Forward case, see Andrew Marshall’s assessment.

Both Amnesty International and the European Union have issued statements.

A selection of media stories follows:

Update: Some more links:




One response

28 12 2020
A junta win | Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] Their efforts meant that the post-junta regime could finagle a national election “victory” and make use of the junta-appointed Senate to ensure that Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha could continue as prime minister. At the same time, the regime had delayed and delayed local elections so that it could ensure that it had measures in place that prevented national election-like “surprises.” Of course, it also used the Army and ISOC to control civilian administration and arranged for the Future Forward Party to be dissolved. […]

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