Panitan goes full-on bonkers

27 02 2020

We are a bit late getting to a report on “adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister [Gen Prawit Wongsuwan] on Security Affairs, Panitan Wattanayagorn” lashing out at the US Embassy statement on the dissolution of the Future Forward Party.

As many long-time readers of PPT will know, we have no time for this leech on the public purse. He’s long taken positions with military and military-backed regimes as an “advisor” while also claiming to be an “academic” and taking benefits from that position. In addition, his academic credentials are anything but serious.

The statement we have seen from the US Embassy is this:

We note the Thai Constitutional Court’s decision on February 21 ordering the dissolution of the Future Forward Party.

The United States strongly supports democratic governance around the world, and appreciates Thailand’s recent seating of a democratically elected government. While the United States does not favor or support any particular political party in Thailand, more than six million voters chose the Future Forward Party in the March 24 elections. The decision to disband the party risks disenfranchising those voters and raises questions about their representation within Thailand’s electoral system.

The bit that the pathetic Panitan got agitated about was “disenfranchising,” which seems a pretty basic point. The Embassy might have added that this had happened several times since the 2006 military coup.

But Panitan “slammed the US Embassy’s criticism,” declaring the “US reaction was not appropriate and marked an interference in Thailand’s internal affairs by an outsider…”.

That’s a claim that is usually heard from the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

He then went full bananas, promoting long-held yellow shirt notions of conspiracy, saying “he understood countries like the US would like to secure their advantages.” Astoundingly, the so-called academic and “security” adviser declares: “I think they pretend to not understand what actually happened because some members of Future Forward Party are still able to work…”.

To us, this sounds like a claim that Future Forward members work for the US Embassy. How bizarre. Well, in the social media that has circulated from royals to Democrat Party and within the military, such conspiracies are taken seriously.

Panitan, who graduated in the US, then displays his ignorance, saying: “Our constitutional courts are quite the same.” We assume that he compares Thailand’s Constitutional Court and the US Supreme Court. Of course, they are not “quite the same.” In fact, they are quite different.

Even more astoundingly, Panitan personally attacks the US ambassador as ignorant and falsely compares US (democratic) politics and Thailand’s authoritarianism: “The new ambassador is not familiar with Thai matters and we have to discuss it with him soon. Their criticism paints them in a negative light than us, as their political situation is even worse than Thailand’s.”

Panitan and army buddy working on a “story.”.

He then gets pompous and nasty:

“It’s quite confusing why a big country [like the US] has allowed some children to write something on their official website. The US might just pretend to be an idiot. However, we don’t want to add anything more to rupture our diplomatic relationship.”

Apart from the unwarranted arrogance of this statement, it is also a large pile of buffalo manure when it is considered that he’s used astoundingly undiplomatic terms to describe the Ambassador and the Embassy.

Panitan does not pretend to be an idiot; he demonstrates his idiocy.



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