Students rising I

27 02 2020

It has been a busy day and an eventful week in Thailand.

Students from high schools and universities have come out strongly to oppose the military-backed regime. There’s no point in us re-posting about this as the major outlets have some really excellent photos of these events involving thousands. There’s no better place to start than with Prachatai. These rallies began with the dissolution of Future Forward but they are much more anti-regime, with the three-finger salute that was a symbol of anti-junta protest. There’s even been some veiled pointing at the king as being “behind” the regime.

Clipped from Prachatai

So far the response from the regime has been muted and mildly threatening, but plainclothes and uniformed police and military have been infiltrating the crowds and watching them.

Royalist school administrators have got to work seeking to ban students from participating:

Director of Bodindecha School also released a statement on Wednesday forbidding any protests inside its facility. The school does not endorse any activities that risk violating the democratic regime with the King as head of the state….

Read more about the student demonstrations at Prachatai, here and here.



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