Students rising II

28 02 2020

In an earlier post we mentioned that some students were pointing at the monarchy in their demonstrations and we also noted that the regime’s response had been muted.

That’s changing fast.

In some provincial cities, police and military are limiting the rallies and “persuading”-cum-intimidating students to abandon them.

Meanwhile, in a censored report, Khaosod recounts police efforts to stamp out anti-monarchism.

Clipped from Prachatai

In response to “subtle references to the monarchy [that] were spotted on some signs and placards in the students-led protests,” the police have warned students. Describing the references as often humorous “and relying on internet slang, some of these slogans were widely shared on social media in recent days.”

Police spokesman Col. Kissana Phathacharoen “said students must leave the monarchy out of their protests against the government of PM [Gen] Prayut Chan-o-cha.”

Krissana added that “police are closely monitoring the rallies taking place in dozens of university campuses and schools nationwide…”.

More intense intimidation may push more students to join the already very large rallies.



One response

29 02 2020
Students rising III | Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] As already mentioned in earlier posts, Gen Prayuth has warned students. In parliament, he “pointed out that some demonstrators were making other demands — some of which touched on the monarchy — in addition to pressing for more democracy.” Police followed up. […]

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