NACC still covering for Prawit

1 03 2020

Gen Prawit Wongsuwan’s magnificent collection of luxury watches is under scrutiny again.

The Bangkok Post reports on an intrepid group of online investigative reporters at The Matter.

Back in December 2018 the National Anti-Corruption Commission declared the General innocent of any wrongdoing when he failed to declare the couple of dozen watches he claimed he’d “borrowed” from a dead man. Nothing to see, the NACC said.

At the time, the Bangkok Post ran an editorial headlined “Who trusts the NACC?

Soon after, The Matter asked the NACC for the documents on its decision. The NACC refused. So the news agency made a request under the Public Information Act:

demanding six documents including the comprehensive investigation report, reasons given by NACC commissioners, brands and makes of the borrowed watches, and the list of people who had also borrowed the watches from the same person.

Apparently, in June 2019, the NACC turned over “some of the requested documents but half of the comprehensive investigation report consisted of blank pages.”

Cover up!

Undeterred, The Matter “appealed to the Public Information Ruling Committee.” That committee ordered the NACC to hand over the documents by Oct 31 last year. It hasn’t.

Cover up!

The news outlet then filed a petition with the Central Administrative Court, which has now accepted the case.

The cover up is never ending. The NACC was a junta stooge agency and continues to cover up.



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