Updated: Coronavirus and the regime

4 03 2020

The regime can’t wait for tourists to start flowing back from China. Indeed, it has done almost nothing in the way of travel restrictions on in-bound tourists when compared with some other countries. And, Gen Prawit Wongsuwan reckons they have no laws to prevent Thai returnees from Korea wandering about while potentially infectious. The junta seemed to be able to make laws at a moment’s notice and presumably this regime can too. Messages from the government have been confused and confusing.

Then there’s the story of the police nabbing a couple for re-posting what the police reckon is fake news about the virus. That reminded us of some other fake news from the police themselves. Khaosod reported that the police held a media conference to announce that they had visited 326 shops and found that not a single one of them was charging more than the regulation price for face masks or hoarding them.

From January 2019

Every Thai knows this is buffalo manure. Getting hold of masks is so difficult, especially as there’s also been heavy pollution in Bangkok and the north. that some innovations first used in 2019 are being seen again.

On second thought, maybe the police didn’t find any shops selling masks…..

Update: The regime has flip-flopped on tourist arrivals and tried to manage the face mask shortage, realizing that it is copping tons of political flack, further reducing its credibility. There’s an official investigation no less. The government claims that, despite the police claim mentioned above, it is to crack down on mask hoarding. Too late on both, but this is also a worldwide phenomenon and Wuhan was one of the centers of mask manufacture. In another flip-flop, the fate of Thai workers coming back from Korea – there may be tens of thousands – will or maybe won’t be subject to some form of isolation. Meanwhile, the health minister Anutin Charnvirakul has taken down an official page where he commented and posted a signed order, now removed and lied about.



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