Thammanat’s never ending lies III

4 03 2020

The deputy minister for lies and buffalo manure is now being pursued by anti-government activists. Akechai Hongkangwarn and Siriwit Chuangsaen “petitioned the Election Commission (EC) to ask the Constitutional Court to disqualify Deputy Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Thamanat Prompow, over his past criminal record in Australia.”

They want section 98 of the junta’s constitution to be used to expel the junta’s bagman from the north. It says:

(10) having been convicted by a final judgment of a court for committing wrongful conduct in official duties or justice affairs, or committing an offence under the law on the wrongful acts of officials in State organizations or State agencies, or an offence against property in bad faith according the Criminal Code, or an offence under the law on fraudulent acts related to loans of the people, or an offence of being producer, importer or exporter or trader under the narcotics law, an offence of being the owner or keeper of a gambling house under the law on gambling, or an offence of money laundering under the law on prevention and suppression of human trafficking or the law on prevention and suppression of money laundering;…

There’s an odor in parliament. Clipped from the Bangkok Post.

On the face of it, that seems a reasonable petition, but they are dealing with the junta’s toadies who would do anything for the current regime. The EC is hopelessly biased, so we expect they will take their lead from the reprehensible Wissanu Krea-ngam. Wissanu, who who now looks like a cross between Carl Schmitt and a Reich Minister of Justice, publicly proclaimed that Thammanat’s “eligibility for a seat in the cabinet is not in question because he is not being prosecuted by the Thai judiciary.” Only Thai law counts it seems. This seems to mean that even a person convicted of mass murder overseas could become Thailand’s minister of justice or even prime minister (some may suggest that there have been murderers who have been PM, and we wouldn’t disagree).

The activists are reported to have “previously petitioned the EC to disqualify Thamanat but … every time they asked the EC about the progress of their petition against Thamanat, they were informed that the EC’s panel was investigating the matter.”

The activists claim that “the EC must seek a Constitutional Court’s ruling on Capt Thamanat’s eligibility.” But the government apparently needs this creep and he seems to have higher protection as well, so we expect the EC will continue to cover up for him.



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