Students rising, EC responds

5 03 2020

As expected, as responses to the Constitutional Court’s contorted dissolution of the Future Forward Party have continued with large student rallies, and with targets beyond the Court, the post-junta, junta-like regime is responding.

The Court’s politicized judgement opened the way for the junta’s Electoral Commission to lay criminal charges against the party’s leadership, which could see people locked up for up to 10 years.

The EC is reportedly “seeking the filing of more charges against Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, the former leader of the dissolved Future Forward Party, including two criminal cases involving his alleged shareholding in V-Luck media and a loan extension.” On 3 March it announced that “Thanathorn’s shareholding in V-Luck media violated Section 151 of the election law, which stipulates that a person who was knowingly not qualified shall be fined Bt20,000 to Bt200,000 or face one to 10 years of imprisonment if he applied to become a member of Parliament.”

Meanwhile, the EC is considering “the ruling of the Constitutional Court that resulted in the dissolution of the party.” Charges are likely there as well.

The ruling elite plays hard ball in politics and upstarts like Thanathorn and Future Forward must be put in their place. For some, that may be prison.



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