Supoj’s loot (or some of it)

10 03 2020

This post is a winding up of a story that began some time ago.

Supoj Saplom, a senior official at the Ministry of Transport, hit the headlines in late 2011 accused of massive corruption. As floods bore down on Bangkok, Supoj worried that his ill-gotten gains – largely kept as cash at his residence – might get water-logged, so he had the cash moved to an upper-level room.

When a gang of tipped-off burglars found the loot, there was so much cash they claimed they couldn’t carry it all away. One of the crooks claimed the gang found between 700 million and 1 billion baht in cash stuffed into bags.

The story of his loot was a sensation for a while and then faded. Supoj was alleged to have accumulated the money as permanent secretary at the Ministry of Transport and chairman of the State Railways of Thailand. Earlier he had been Director of the lucrative Highways Department.

We then learned that Supoj had been found to be “unusually rich.” He was sent to prison for 10 months for filing false asset declarations, amounting to 20 million baht. We wondered what had happened to the rest? Who got it?

Today, it is reported that the National Anti-Corruption Commission “has returned 17.5 million baht and other assets stolen by burglars from a house owned by Supoj Saplom, a former transport permanent secretary, to the Finance Ministry on Monday.” Other assets were property and money in a bank account worth over 40 million baht. We don’t know what happened to that money.

Another “corruption” mystery that is no clearer, but presumably “solved” and finished.



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