When the military is on top XXIX

19 03 2020

A couple of Bangkok Post reports raise questions for PPT on the role of the military.

Everyone knows that the military is a law unto itself. It may be poor reporting, but two reports, one on the south and the other on virus disinfection, suggest the military really is a parallel regime.

In the first, “Fourth Army commander Lt Gen Pornsak Poonsawat has ordered all 13 temporary border checkpoints with Malaysia closed from March 18-31.” As far as we recall, martial law is still in operation in the south, but it does still seem presumptuous of the local military commander to do this. It does show the power of the military.

The second report is about the army beginning “spraying roads in Bangkok with disinfectant to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus.”Maybe that’s useful, but the claim is that this “spraying …[was] approved at a high-level meeting of army units chaired by army chief Apirat Kongsompong, will be carried out the Army Air Defence Artillery Unit and the Army Chemical Department…”.

It is almost as if the government doesn’t exist.



One response

4 04 2020
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[…] we mentioned previously, it does seem that the military is running the country. Gen Prayuth looks increasingly like a processing terminal for the military […]

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