The king’s travels and troubles II

26 03 2020

Andrew MacGregor Marshall continues to post some fabulous reports at his Facebook page regarding the travails of King Vajiralongkorn in times of the corona (crown) virus.

Before we get to that, we should note several unflattering international reports on the king’s recent exploits.

Daily Mail, 23 Mar 2020: ‘Why do we need a king?’

South China Morning Post, 22 Mar 2020: Coronavirus: Thai king remains in Germany during pandemic

Royal Central, 24 Mar 2020: King of Thailand rents entire hotel in Germany for his harem

The Times, 24 Mar 2020: Thais protest as king takes holiday amid coronavirus crisis

An Australian news site that usually follows royals has the essence of the story. It notes that “one king has gone to great lengths to maintain his luxurious lifestyle in the wake of the virus.” It says that Vajiralongkorn “has rented out every single room of a hotel in Germany so he can self-isolate with his harem of 20 women and his servants.”

While German hotels have been mostly closed, “the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl applied for, and received a special permit to house the king and his company.” No, not Grand Hotel Sonofabitch but Sonnenbichl. The luxury hotel’s website currently states: “Due to high demand, we apologize for our current limited room availability. Please feel free to contact our Reception team for questions and individual requests.”

The report continues:

The 67-year-old Thai King, a regular in Germany already, often residing in his $12 million mansion at Lake Starnberg, has been spotted enjoying the facilities of the luxury hotel, riding his bike outside with several of the women in his harem.

It is unclear why the expensive residence in Tutzing is not “appropriate” at this time for the multi-billionaire king. Or why he needs a special location when the official advice states: “According to guidelines local authorities will be required Hotels to provide stays only if strictly necessary and not for touristic purposes.”

How much of his copious state funds pay for all of this?

While things might change, especially if there’s negative reaction, back at Marshall’s Facebook page, he has a post stating that:

King Vajiralongkorn is due to arrive in Thailand early on April 6 to preside over Chakri Day rituals, and will leave after the start of Songkran on April 15, high-level sources say.

He will be flying Thai Airways, which has few European destinations remaining on its schedule apart from Munich and Zurich which have been used by the king and queen in the past.

We wonder how he can return to Germany after that. Has he got dispensation just like the hotel deal? Has he got German residence? Does being in his expensive digs count as isolation time when he gets to Thailand? We are sure readers have even more questions.



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