With a 6th and final update: Where’s Wally? I

5 04 2020

Where’s Wally was a British set of puzzle books where readers had to find Wally hidden in a group. In most places there are no groups now, but finding King Vajiralongkorn is an activity that some have taken up. (Where’s Vaji perhaps?) It is made easier by the virtual end of international air travel. We have been told he’s due in Bangkok tomorrow.

But, as is widely known, the authorities in Bangkok have banned incoming flights: “All passenger flights have been banned from landing in the country to curb the outbreak of the new coronavirus…. The ban came into effect on Saturday morning and will run until the end of Monday…”.

It has never been clear why closing the airport is needed or necessary for incoming flights.

So what happens? Well, strangely – or not – a TG flight is currently on its way to Zurich.

After previously keeping flights to Zurich and Munich, the company recently said it had suspended all flights to Europe. So why the lone flight to Zurich? We can guess.

Now the Where’s Wally question is locating Vajiralongkorn. Is this flight likely to go on to Munich? Is it picking up Queen Suthida and then Vajiralongkorn?

Then there’s the matter of 14 days isolation on arrival in Thailand, if the king and an entourage arrives. We guess the regulation will only apply to mere mortals.

Updates 1 and 2 (with corrected flight nos.): TG971 has arrived in Zurich. We will be interested to know of its return route and passengers. Helpfully, the flight tracker tells us that “Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn 904 VMS904” left Munich on Saturday for Zurich, arriving at 20:20 and returned to Munich after a 35 minute turnaround, landing at 21:31.

Update 3: Remarkably, in a great scoop, Andrew MacGregor Marshall has published details of the Chakri Day events in Bangkok. It shows King Vajiralongkorn arriving in Bangkok at 05:30 on 6 April. No isolation but a series of meetings and public events. At 01:05 the next day he is scheduled to return to Zurich on TG970. This schedule raises all kinds of questions about laws and regulations in Thailand, Germany and Switzerland.

Update 4 (with corrected flight nos.): TG971 left Zurich over an hour late and arrived in Bangkok almost 2.5 hours late. Royalists may be ecstatic to have the king back in town even if it is for less than a day. We acknowledge that some mad monarchists think he’s been there all the time. Pity about all that “social distancing” and quarantine stuff not being observed for the royals. At least not seen so far; wait for the royal news tonight…. More interesting after this one-day of Chakri Day “duties” will be if the king returns as scheduled. Perhaps leaving and arriving via Zurich games the systems of three countries, allowing him to “beat” restrictions “in transit” in Zurich and then claim residence in Germany to get him in there. Let’s see.

Update 5: Bild has a useful account of the king’s flying visit to Bangkok. For those playing Where’s Vaji, today’s clue is that TG970 departed Bangkok for Zurich at 03:42 today, 2.5 hours late, and is due  in Zurich at about 10:40 local time.

Update 6: In case you were wondering what the king and queen did in their fleeting visit to Bangkok (assuming they were both on TG971), the royal news last night had some of it.

Unmasked, the big shots did their usual grovels and manufactured “donations” for the king to make. The latter involves printing royal slogans saying the “donation” is from the monarch when they are really purchased with taxpayer money and “given back to the people” in ceremonies that supposedly show the monarch as kind, caring and generous; in other words, a fraudulent exercise.

In the old days, the royal news used to show princes, princesses and queens leaving Bangkok and arriving back as well as arrivals and departures at their destinations. There’s little of that now because the king and his family spend most of their time away, and palace propagandists don’t want the plebs calculating that the king is seldom in the country. It’s all smoke and mirrors these days.



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