Masks and managing media

13 04 2020

Khaosod reports that there’s considerable online support for the whistle blower Facebook page that exposed a mask hoarding scandal. Why is the support needed? Of course, because the hopeless police are seeking to charge the owner of the site.

One of those near useless political police, Pol Maj Gen Panya Pinsuk, who doubles as political puppet and deputy chief of the Central Investigation Bureau, said:

A puppet cop

investigators are seeking the owner of the Facebook page “Queen of Spades” after it posted photos showing what appeared to be a sale of up to 200 million face masks to buyers in China admit an acute shortage in the country.

Police said the posts, which implicate businessman Sornsuvee Puraweeratwatcharee in the alleged deal, are false.

The (not) super sleuths claim that by posting information from Sornsuvee, they page posted “false information.” And, as the ridiculous police state: “Therefore, the page is punishable under the Computer Crime Act.”

Why is this “false information”? Well, it seems because “Sornsuvee later said that he didn’t actually possess 200 million masks and claimed that he was boasting to attract investors.”

The corrupt cops seem intent on demonstrating time and time again that there is no justice in Thailand.

Naturally enough – for the political police – the events involved the now invisible Deputy Minister for Agriculture, inveterate liar and convicted heroin trafficker Thammanat Prompao.

The cops claims get more tortuous in terms of law and logic: “Metropolitan police’s chief investigator Santi Chainiramai said Sornsuvee is only a middleman in the mask hoarding ring which is linked to Paradonraphab Party’s chief strategist Phanyot Akkhara-amornpan.”

But not a word on Thammanat!

The cops say that “Phanyot set up a company called Thai Health International to illegally sought the masks from Sornsuvee before repacking and selling them at higher prices.” All the mask dealing, they say “yield[ed] more than 14 million baht in cash.”

Yes, Phanyot and Sornsuvee were dealing in masks and profiteering. Both are well-connected to political leaders. But the dopes in uniform must crack down on those who expose the crime. This is what people now expect from the police and regime.

And, as expected in the (in)justice system, Phanyot was arrested on Wednesday and released on bail on the same day.

What happend to aide to minister Thammanat, Pitinan Rak-iad, who was shown in a video on the offending Facebook page, “discussing the sale of masks with Sornsuvee.”

Convicted heroin smuggler

Nothing it seems. He’s “distanced himself from the allegations, saying that it was merely a negotiation which has nothing to do with the controversial stockpile.” Of course, like his boss, Pitinan is unable to speak any truth.

As for Thammanat, after claiming he had the virus and was going into hiding, which he said was isolation.

Meanwhile, the Thai Enquirer has a story on a “high-priced international ‘public strategy firm’ [that] has been sending out press releases defending the Thai government’s coronavirus response.”

Mercury LLC has apparently been hired to provide some order to the regime’s inept and contradictory virus response. Seemingly engaging in propaganda and fake news, Mercury claims that the regime “has kept infection rates low through a combination of top-down government measures, bottom-up social changes,” and as the report points out, “most strangely” that there have been “high levels of testing.”

In fact, Thailand’s rate of testing is 1,030/1 million of population. That’s lower than Vietnam and Malaysia, among others. According to the report, “Thailand has only conducted 71,860 tests since the outbreak began despite having the capacity to conduct 20,000 tests per day.”

Despite Mercury’s claims for the regime, no one admits to hiring them.



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