Thailand’s Kibosh

14 04 2020

It looks like King Vajiralongkorn is now a spirit that haunts Thailand. While most believe the king is not in-country, having returned to Switzerland and then, presumably, Germany, for the regime, it is as if he remains, a kind of phantom king.

Unelected Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha says that the king “has offered moral support to everybody joining efforts to prevent the coronavirus from spreading further in the country…”.

Kibosh, the powerful, evil and feared King of Ghosts (from

Gen Prayuth claims that “the King praised the government, authorities, health personnel, volunteers, the private sector and the public for their hard work and patience in the national fight against the coronavirus.”

A kind of Thai Kibosh, it is said that the missing king and his equally missing queen said they “stand ready to help to support their work…”. Standing ready overseas in a pleasure palace probably paid for by the taxpayer.

Presumably all of this propaganda banter took place when the two royals briefly visited Bangkok to celebrate the king’s dynasty. But the regime desperately wants to keep him in the minds of his “subjects.” Creating the mirage of a king in country is a feature of this regime, where ministers regularly do royalist prostration and bowing to a missing king.

For the feudal lord

Thus there has been much publicity of royal “donations” of ventilators to hospitals. We think it is unlikely that the king shelled out for these.

Likewise, the so-called royal volunteers have been sent out by the military, Army boss Gen Apirat Kongsompong and regime to “donate” the usual “bags of dried food and necessities to more than 120,000 households [120,581 households in 623 communities] to alleviate economic hardship during the virus outbreak…”.

This is a bit of propaganda theater that has gone on for decades, where a bag of stuff is provided to poor people who must appear grateful, and in this reign, they also have to appear grateful by holding photos of the royal couple.

In the provinces, the bags are to be given to “the Somdej Phra Yupparaj hospitals for further distribution to local people…”.

These 21 hospitals “are operated by the Crown Prince Hospital Foundation” and were a part of the propaganda established for the then Crown Prince following the murderous events of 6 October 1976 as royalists attacked “communists” challenging the monarchy and its hegemony. The government-funded project was initiated in 1977 by rightist-royalist palace favorite Prime Minister Thanin Kraivixien. It was a wedding gift for his first marriage to his cousin.



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