Junta-style business (as usual) III

23 04 2020

Several Khaosod stories show that despite the junta/post-junta regime waiting for advice from rich patrons, it is (political) business as usual.

The Army is peeved with critics. Its representatives have demanded that social media to “tone down” its criticism of the military, referring especially to the purchase of armored vehicles that cost 4.5 billion baht and are mainly used in urban warfare: “Stryker units seem to be especially effective in urban areas…”. For the Thai military, this means would probably mean missions against democracy activists.

After much criticism, the Army did not, as Spokesman Col Winthai Suvaree is reported, “already withdrew its plan to buy the vehicles from the United States,” but postponed purchase until next year.

But demanding an end to criticism again demonstrates how thin-skinned and anti-democratic the brass are. Not just thin-skinned, but threatening: “Winthai said the army is still closely monitoring the criticism on social media…”.

Meanwhile the police act as if only dolts are recruited to the force. Surprised as we are that Thailand’s Keystone Cops are able to take time out from their usual money-making concerns,

Khaosod reports that the hopeless cops “arrested 15 [migrant] construction workers for breaking nighttime curfew…”. As one dope from the cops “explained”:

Police spokesman Kissana Phathanacharoen said the migrant workers for the Yellow Line monorail project were arrested at a checkpoint on Bangna-Trad Road Tuesday night. They were charged with violating the emergency decree. But the group said they were going home after working overtime that night.

Their employer took exception saying the workers were “holding a curfew travel permit issued by the police. She said police officers ignored their papers and tore them apart.” She also says she “brought the company-issued certificates for working overtime to the police, and they said they’re good.”

Assistant police commissioner Damrongsak Kittiprapat “said the documents were invalid since working overtime is not one of the exemptions stated in the government’s order.”

As usual, an (internal) “inquiry committee has been established after the incident,” and will reveal nothing.

And, in a similar vein, in Chiang Mai it is reported that the cops are arresting the homeless for breaking curfew and taking them before courts where they are being fined. It seems the judges are as useless as the cops, acting as mindless automatons.

Asked about arresting the homeless, a police buffoon responded: “Curfew is curfew…”.

A threatening and as dull as ever, the regime soldiers on.



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25 04 2020
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