Sufficiency manure

1 05 2020

The regime seems to have plenty of money for supporting palace propaganda, doling out taxpayer-funded equipment that they claim is from the king; that’s standard palace propaganda. They are even promoting a perception that give the impression that the king and queen are actually in the country.

Yet readers will recall that Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has been pleading for the support of Thailand’s tycoons in the regime’s virus response.

The Bangkok Post reports that two more of the super-rich have agreed to throw in a few million in loose change to be seen to be doing something for what Gen Prayuth calls “Team Thailand,” promoting the notion that “we are all in this together” when this is clearly not the case.

Red Bull’s Chalerm Yoovidhya and Prayudh Mahagitsiri of the PM Group are claimed to be “allocat[ing] multi-million baht budgets to help the newly-established Team Thailand fill the state’s coffers…”.

Party time for Boss (clipped from The Daily Mail)

The report concentrates on the Yoovidhya family’s efforts. (Where is their murderous son?)

As is often the case, the Red Bull moneybags are “donating” to celebrate monarchy and cement their place in the ruling class.

They claim they will “spend 300 million baht to help make Thailand more self-reliant…”. This from a family that manages to buy expensive digs elsewhere. But this is often the double standard that emerges when the wealthy promote the dead king’s “sufficiency economy.”

Sounding like a throwback to the 1997 economic crisis response, the Yoovidhya clan wants “to help get the economy back on its feet” through a “self-reliance for the nation project for the next three years.” The family states: “We want to support and mentor people who want to adopt the ‘sufficiency economy’ approach as their new path to life…”.

It seems the clan hasn’t got a new idea in its collective head so it falls back on royalist nonsense from more than two decades ago. They go on to state that their “project” will see “the family … turn part of its land into a learning centre to equip people with a self-reliant attitude” and “build food security for the nation…”.

We hadn’t noticed that Thailand’s food security had become an issue from the current virus crisis. Presumably “their land” will be priced in and that they will still want “a self-reliant attitude” to include buying Red bull.



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3 05 2020
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