Updated: Liar challenged

27 05 2020

Now that Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Untruth and Buffalo Manure Thammanat Prompao has come out of self-isolation, he is being challenged by the opposition Move Forward Party.

It is staggering that a convicted heroin smuggler, a man who claims fake education qualifications and a serial liar can not just sit in the parliament but can be a minister. It is even more jaw-dropping that he’s a power broker in the regime’s Palang Pracharath Party and a minister.

Convicted heroin smuggler

(We acknowledge that politicians and their advisers the world over have contracted the lying virus at a rate far higher than the coronavirus but Thammanat’s lies began some time ago.)

Move Forward’s Natcha Boonchaiya-insawat “said the party’s MPs would submit a motion for the impeachment of … Thamanat to the House speaker on Wednesday afternoon.”

Natcha stated that “Section 98(10) of the constitution prohibited anyone found guilty of a narcotics trafficking offence from standing for election to parliament,” citing Thammanat’s heroin smuggling conviction in Australia.

Section 98 (10) of the junta’s constitution states:

(10) having been convicted by a final judgment of a court for committing wrongful conduct in official duties or justice affairs, or committing an offence under the law on the wrongful acts of officials in State organizations or State agencies, or an offence against property in bad faith according the Criminal Code, or an offence under the law on fraudulent acts related to loans of the people, or an offence of being producer, importer or exporter or trader under the narcotics law, an offence of being the owner or keeper of a gambling house under the law on gambling, or an offence of money laundering under the law on prevention and suppression of human trafficking or the law on prevention and suppression of money laundering;…

As Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has declared the heroin conviction a “small issue,” we could expect that the regime’s execrable Wissanu Krea-ngam will again claim that only Thai laws are covered by this section.

Update: In case readers are wondering why Thammanat is important to the regime, consider this report from The Nation:

The candidate for Pheu Thai … has dropped his plans to run in the Lampang by-election despite having a high… chance of beating Palang Pracharath Party.

Pheu Thai’s Phinit Chantharasurin was set to run in the by-election after his son Itthirat, who won … 42,984 votes in last year’s election, passed away. Palang Pracharath’s Wattana Sithiwang, who came in second with 30,368 votes last year, was set to be his No 1 opponent.

However, Phinit decided not to run because he said there was no benefit. He also seems to be leaning more towards Palang Pracharath Party, especially after Deputy Agriculture Minister Thammanat Prompao called on Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan to let Phinit apply for the post of chief executive of provincial administrative organisations.

In return, Phinit was asked to withdraw from the by-election and clear the path for Wattana to become a representative of Lampang.

Blatant, corrupt and devious. That’s why they love Thammanat.



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