Patrolling Royalist Marketplace

29 05 2020

Khaosod reports that “a man was detained and questioned for his involvement in a popular Facebook page lampooning the monarchy.” The page is Royalist Marketplace, discussed earlier this month at New Mandala by Pavin Chachavalpongpun. Formed a month or so ago, it had 436,830 members when we looked today.

Royalist Marketplace “routinely mocks the monarchy with its satirical posts.”

The man stated that he was later released. There are also reports that several others had been detained, “asked to sign an agreement pledging not to make any critical comments about the monarchy in the future,” and released.

One of these detainees “said eight police officers took him away from his home without warrants, questioned him about the group and his political opinions, and ordered him to delete his posts in the Royalist Marketplace.”

In his New Mandala piece, Pavin stated that Royalist Marketplace is “a platform for discussion on all things monarchy. Content is mixed, ranging from business advertisements, serious discussion on the monarchy, to parody and sarcasm.” Of the latter, he gave examples:

One member sold a used teak bed, using a photo of the bed on which King Ananda Mahidol was found dead in 1946. Another member offered a building dismantling service, referring to the dismantling of the house of the former royal concubine, Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi, after her falling from grace.

There’s plenty to parody with the current absentee king.

Discussion that is more serious sees:

… members unpick a variety of issues submerged deep at the core of the institution: the future succession, the power of the Crown Property Bureau, the declining reverence of the institution, the increasingly absolutist nature of the monarchy.



One response

12 09 2020
Kids and their influences | Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] Meanwhile, Reuters reports on the “social media influencers.” It refers to the images of exiled academics Pavin Chachavalpongpun and Somsak Jeamteerasakul. While the two are quite different characters, both “have openly criticized the monarchy,” and that seems to be what is attractive for the student demonstrators who have repeatedly used their images and memes from Pavin’s Royalist Marketplace. […]

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