Niranam in court on royal “insults”

4 06 2020

The king’s absent, but the repression continues. On 24 February, a 20 year-old called Niranam, accused of lese majeste-like computer crimes, was granted bail of 500,000 baht after being arrested on 19 February and having a couple of earlier bail requests rejected.

“Niranam_” is a Twitter name meaning “Anonymous,” and his more than a hundred thousand followers avidly read his posts that were critical of military politics. His comments on the monarchy saw him detained at the Pattaya Special Prison.

Thai Enquirer reports that as Niranam’s court appearance approached, the “hashtag #นิรนามต้องได้กลับมา (Anonymous must come home) was trending early on Thursday morning as a 20-year-old twitter user, accused of insulting the country’s monarchy, was set to go on trial in a court in Pattaya.”

When Niranam got to court, as is common for lese majeste and lese majeste-like cases, the prosecution is dragging the matter out. In the past, this has been an effort to get the accused to plead guilty.

Yesterday, it was reported that “the court postponed his trial because public prosecutors have not yet issued an indictment against him for an unspecified reason.”



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10 06 2020
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