Corrupt army thugs II

7 06 2020

Just a few days ago, we posted on the fate of military whistle blower Sgt Narongchai Intharakawi, an ordnance corps clerk, who spoke out about corruption in the Army.

He had been threatened and the Army went after him, declaring him a “deserter.”

Khaosod reports that an Army investigation of Sgt Narongchai’s complaint of fraud in the Army “had some truths.” The Army was sending “the case” to the “National Anti-Corruption Commission for further inquiry.”

Headed up by reliable junta appointees, with police and Army generals among the commissioners and a poor track record when investigating those in power, there is probably not much hope that anything much can come from the NACC.

Meanwhile, Sgt Narongchai is still facing Army “disciplinary action and a trial in the military court for allegedly deserting his post…”. The report states that “Sgt. Narongchai faces up to seven years in prison and a dishonorable discharge for being absent from his duties for more than 15 days.”

The Army treats the public with disdain, coming up with outlandish “explanations” for its actions. It is reported that “Army spokesman Col Winthai Suvaree has denied reports that a sergeant is facing punishment for exposing alleged graft in an army unit.” He claims that Sgt Narongchai “faces disciplinary and criminal action for dereliction of duty in violation of the Military Disciplinary Act…”.

That Narongchai has claimed and there’s video evidence of him being intimidated and threatened “for exposing graft at the centre involving military allowances” seems to count for nothing. Indeed, the military had already moved against Narongchai, having “accused [him] of disrespecting a superior,” with an Army disciplinary panel sentencing him to “detention for seven days on March 18-24 this year…”.

Everyone knows that Narongchai is being punished for breaking the Army’s “rule” that no one may upset the gravy train that benefits senior officers.



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