It is still a military regime VII

10 06 2020

At the end of May, the military’s favorite legal manipulator and deputy prime minister, Wissanu Krea-ngam was given the task of confusing the public about the emergency decree. The regime was under pressure on the decree because there’s little virus in the country but the decree remains in place.

He babbled about the Communicable Diseases Control Act but also raised the notional “battle the second round of the outbreak” to slyly suggest that the decree may stay.

A few days later, he pressed on with setting the foundations for keeping the decree, saying: “It is possible to extend the imposition of the emergency decree. It is being considered.”

This was quickly followed-up by self-appointed Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha who “defended the use of the emergency decree to curb the spread of Covid-19…”.

While Gen Prayuth emphasized the virus, it is clear that he is more concerned to maintain political repression. Most protests, rallies and so on are being closed down by the military and police.

Rising opposition/rising military repression

Gen Prayuth dissembled about “the time is not right to lift the lockdown because the pandemic has not ended.”

But it was the military that soon corrected him, emphasizing that their focus is political rather than anything to do with health. According to the Bangkok Post, “Deputy army chief Gen Nathapol Nakpanit … said on Wednesday the committee planned to lift the 11pm-3am curfew for 15 days.”

But this is not about lifting the repression: the General stated: “”Without the curfew people can resume their normal lives, but the state of emergency will remain in place in case the government needs to take swift action to stop Covid-19 from spreading…”.

Mostly it will be used to keep the lid on rising political opposition. The military remains the boss (especially when the big boss remains a truant).



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