Heroin trafficker case at Constitutional Court

13 06 2020

Convicted heroin smuggler

The great news is that “Parliament speaker Chuan Leekpai submitted a request on Wednesday to the constitutional court to decide whether Thammanat Prompao, the Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Agriculture, was fit for office.”

Of course he’s unfit for any office – as well as a drug smuggler, he’s a liar and a fraud. But this story is about Thammanat being “unfit for office for being imprisoned for trafficking drugs in Australia,” and that this contravenes the junta’s constitution.

Added to this complaint is a claim that he holds “shares in a company that deals directly with the Port Authority of Thailand.”

That seem novel – a convicted drug trafficker dealing with the Port Authority. We also recall the mask smuggling. Is that related?

The bad news is that, unless Thammanat’s value to the regime’s party and to high-level figures has declined, we’d expect the Constitutional Court to be instructed to wave the smuggler through. Hopefully, this time, the Court has stronger jelly in its spine.



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9 11 2020
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