Vajiralongkorn’s unpaid taxes

19 06 2020

The king must be deeply concerned with the continuing agitation against him in Europe, especially as 24 June approaches. Recently, articles have appeared in European newspapers about Vajiralongkorn’s potential tax bill in Germany. Here’s a lightly edited Google Translate version of an Italian report at Blitz quotidiano:

Il re di Thailandia evasore fiscale: tasse non pagate in Germania per 3 miliardi di euro

The king of Thailand a tax evader: unpaid taxes in Germany for 3 billion euros

BANGKOK – There’s trouble with the German taxman for the king of Thailand. According to Bild Zeitung, Rama X has evaded taxes up to €3 billion.

In the sights of the taxman is an unpaid inheritance tax after Rama X’s father, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, died in 2016.

Bhumibol Adulyadej, ninth ruler of the Chakri dynasty and father of Rama X, left a 10 billion euro inheritance to his son.

With that money Rama X bought a villa in Bavaria, in Tutzing [PPT: in fact, he purchased the villa prior to his father’s passing]. He should have paid a 30% inheritance tax in force in Germany, up to 3 billion euros.

Instead Vajiralongkonn sought to avoid tax by making the villa part of the Embassy of Thailand, despite the fact that it was a completely private residence.

However, in February he moved to the Bavarian Alps together with his twenty concubines, where Rama X registered as a “guest” at the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl, the hotel he rented….

The Garmisch-Partenkirchen authorities, Corriere della Sera explains, had granted this accommodation despite the lock down on the grounds that it was a closed community that had no external contact.

Dodger king of Thailand, the political issue

But now the issue of non-payment of tax has become political. Two Green deputies of the Bavarian Parliament, Tim Pargent and Claudia Koehler, presented a question asking why the authorities did not act to recover all or part of the sum.

The response of the Bavarian Ministry of Finance was that the king of Thailand had a tax duty towards Bavaria. In his case, however, “the right to decide independently whether or not to inform the German tax authority” applies.

And above all “it is necessary to take into account the general interest of the state in maintaining good international relations”. So the state has renounced any action against the evading sovereign.

Somehow we doubt this is the end of the matter. With PixelHELPER still protesting and awareness being raised in Europe, what does Vajiralongkorn do next?



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