Further updated: It is still a military regime IX

4 07 2020

It seems amazing to PPT that so many commentators still lament the loss of democracy under the current regime. Are they bonkers? When was this regime ever interested in democracy? Since 2014, there has been no democracy. There’s only authoritarianism in a rigged political, constitutional and judicial system.

So it is that Khaosod reports that police have “summoned the crew behind a recent light spectacle marking the army’s 2010 crackdown on anti-government protests…. Pannika Wanich, the leader of The Progressive Movement, said the contractors involved in the stunt were instructed to report to a police station for questioning.” And to add to that threat, “security authorities visited their homes…”.

This is the group that “[i]n May, … projected the slogan #SeekTheTruth onto various landmarks across Bangkok, including the Ministry of Defense headquarters.”

Pannika said that this amounted to an infringement of free speech, adding that the authorities “are intimidating the artists.”

It is the Ministry of Defense that has lodged the police complaint.

Update 1: Related reports are of internet tracking by the regime. At New Mandala, “Internet providers are helping the Thai government track down dissidents” is a disturbing account. It includes some suggestions on how to skirt some of the tracking. In a similar vein, “Protect our web browsing history against snoopers” also has some suggestions on avoiding the snooping.

Update 2: Prachatai reports on the the police and the light works team. It makes it clear that the police are engaged in harassment, with “… Pol Maj Gen Methee Rakpan, Commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau’s Division 6, [saying] that he could not tell whether the campaign had broken any law.”



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