Updated: Inventing royal nonsense

8 07 2020

How do they come up with this stuff? It is remarkable that palace sources can invent utter nonsense and have it published.

The official propaganda outlet of the government has piled it high for the king and queens less than one day visit – at taxpayer expense – to Thailand from their homes in Germany and Switzerland.

Worse, the outlet makes it appear like the truant king and queen are residing in Thailand and carefully following events. As everyone knows, the king is living in a luxury hotel with a harem of women and the queen lives in a luxury resort in Switzerland. They have spent almost no time in Thailand this year, and each time they have returned, the country’s bankrupt airline has to mobilize a special aircraft for them, disguising it with regular flight numbers. That the king has several aircraft under his control counts for nothing as these are just used for fun, flitting about Europe. How tiresome it would be for the king to have to use one of these when it would need to refuel en-route. Better (for him) to order a TG special flight.

The report says that “this week” the king and queen “granted an audience to Deputy Prime Minister and Public Health Minister, Anutin Charnvirakul” and a bunch of health officials. “This week” implies that the royals were in town for more than a few hours. It’s sleight of hand. And, Anutin’s performance on the virus crisis was so hopeless and so bizarre that he was pushed aside and has barely been seen in public.

It then claims that the “King and Queen presented one biosafety mobile unit and 12 prototype units. The vehicles will be given to 12 health region offices nationwide. Medical personnel will use them to collect COVID-19 test specimens in schools, temples and communities safely and efficiently.” The report claims the king gave these to the Ministry: “Their Majesties granted funds for the procurement of the biosafety mobile units.”

That’s nonsense. Such “presentations” are also sleight of hand. The taxpayer pays for the gear and the Ministry buys it and the king “presides” over its “presentation.” He gets the credit and “merit.”

The report then gets hilariously ridiculous when it claims “the King … delivered a speech on the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.” How on earth would he have any idea about it. He’s flouted virus rules in Europe and during his couple of visits to Thailand and, based on the speed of his departures from the country, he’s uninterested in Thailand. Who knows what he said? We can’t believe he could come up with anything serious.

But the report anticipates such critical thinking, claiming “the King and Queen have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and have expressed concern for the people’s health and well-being as well as the safety of medical personnel, who are on the front line of this pandemic.” They may have made a statement to that effect, as this is standard fare for all leaders these days. Watching a bit of news from Thailand in between bike rides and lounging around with the harem hardly adds up to “closely monitoring.”

Update: We found another article telling of some royal “work” the king and queen did on their quick excursion in Thailand.



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9 07 2020
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[…] only does he have conflicts of interest, but his behavior has often been odd. As we mentioned in a recent post, we stated that Anutin’s performance on the virus crisis has been so hopeless and so bizarre […]

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