Hopeless minister

9 07 2020

Health minister Anutin Charnvirakul has been a disaster in his post. Of course, he’s not the only hopeless minister under this regime.

Not only does he have conflicts of interest, but his behavior has often been odd. As we mentioned in a recent post, we stated that Anutin’s performance on the virus crisis has been so hopeless and so bizarre that he was pushed aside and has barely been seen in public.

A Khaosod report refers to his early virus crisis rants.

Now Anutin has been forced to apologize for “ignoring his own advice on wearing face masks during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Anutin unmasked in an earlier outing. Clipped from Der Farang.

Anutin attended Fourth of July celebrations at the US Embassy without a face mask.

It doesn’t matter whether one things masks are necessary. As the reports states: “The health ministry requires visitors to all public venues to put on their masks, citing the threat of coronavirus infection.” As minister, Anutin should be a model of masking up, following his ministry’s directive.

Along with the treatment of the American general and his entourage and the unmasked king and queen visit, including meetings with ambassadors, the double standards are obvious.

Anutin has been forced to come up with an apology: “Sorry for letting my guard down…. Dear citizens, don’t let your guard down like I did. I humbly accept their criticism. I apologize. It won’t happen again.”

Not long before he had “dismissed reporters’ questions about the photo [of him unmasked] by laughing and saying ‘so much drama’.”



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17 07 2020
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