Cambodian dissembling

20 07 2020

Prachatai reports that Cambodian authorities seem as purposely dimwitted as Thailand’s own police and authorities.

They have “denied any knowledge about the disappearance of Thai activist in exile Wanchalearm Satsaksit, claiming that Wanchalearm did not make any further visa renewal request after his visa expired on 31 December 2017, and that no Cambodian agencies have any additional information about his disappearance other than what has appeared in news reports.”

The world knew this within days of Wanchalearm’s enforced abduction.

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights stated that the Cambodian response was to Wanchalearm’s family officially seeking “immediate and urgent action regarding Wanchalearm’s disappearance.”

The best the Cambodian authorities could do was to repeat the nonsense they came up with weeks ago. They are lying to assist the Thai regime in covering up for their “disappearance” of the activist. The Cambodian government is reneging on commitments it has made to international bodies.

We fear he will never be heard of again. The likelihood is that he has been murdered by Thai agents.



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25 01 2022


Cambodian dissembling | Political Prisoners in Thailand

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