Posterior polishing day

27 07 2020

As we said in an earlier post, never mind that the king doesn’t plan to live in Thailand and prefers Germany, all government agencies were ordered to organize ceremonies for King Vajiralongkorn’s 68th birthday this month.

Tomorrow is the actual birth day and the Bangkok Post lies that the entire nation is “poised to honour [the k]ing.” Of course, the Post must say this or face all kinds of sanction. The spinelessness of the media in Thailand on anything to do with the monarchy is the norm. Thai PBS has a banner for the king that seems especially apt.

Thankfully, because this king is an absentee, the nation is spared the rambling incoherence that was the habit of the dead king.

What’s the government doing for the truant king? The Post reports:

Ceremonies will begin with merit-making rites and the offering of alms to 69 monks at 7am in Sanam Luang. The event will be presided over by Prime Minister [Gen] Prayut Chan-o-cha….

It will be followed by the swearing of an oath by state officials to conduct themselves ethically and be a force to move the country forward. [Unlike the king]

Also at Sanam Luang, ceremonial offerings will be presented by government representatives before a portrait of His Majesty the King at 6pm. [Has to be a portrait as he’s off wenching in Germany]

At 7pm, there will be a fireworks display at Sanam Luang in an event also presided over by Gen Prayut and which will also be the highlight of the government conveying birthday messages to … the King.

From tomorrow until Friday, jit arsa volunteer activities will be organised at Sanam Luang and other localities.

Prayuth clad as a senior posterior polisher, including the king’s childish doodles and attachment to color as loyalty.

Jit Arsa are mostly government officials and rusted-on royalists.

Gen Prayuth has already been at work posterior polishing. A couple of days ago he was in Chiang Mai province, with the governors of all 76 provinces and over 1,000 “volunteers” to plant trees “in honor” of the king. We do not recall him being very interested in forests or trees.

Apparently, this exercise is “being done in every province…”.

Of course, all citizens know that the king and queen live overseas. Even if they are curious about this, they will find no mention of it in the media as the regime seeks to limit discussion of his absence.

We guess that PixelHELPER will “celebrate” the king’s birthday in Germany.



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29 07 2020
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