Updated: Concocting a plot

14 08 2020

Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha seems to be claiming that there’s a “network” at work behind student protesters, amounting to yet another anti-monarchy” plot. There’s been lots of plots “revealed” in the past, especially by the military junta after the 2014 military coup. These multiple “plots” dissolved into almost nothing following initial “revelations.” Unfortunately, some innocents were usually harassed or jailed in some of these military-concocted plots.

Perhaps the best known concocted plot came in 2010, when the Abhisit Vejjajiva regime concocted a lom jao (ล่มเจ้า) “plot.” The diagram associated with this official lie presumed to show links (and funding) behind the non-existent plot to bring down the monarchy.

The 2012 anti-monarchy plot diagram

The latest “plot” is hedged as a “search” for those “funding” the students.

The claims of a shadowy figure behind the students circulated widely on deep yellow social media, from some of the military brass, and in some of the mainstream media. An Iranian-Russian-Chinese-yellow shirt-alt right-linked version comes from the usual source, claiming official US-funding is behind the student groups. We suppose that this source is receiving funding from official Thai sources, but we will never know, for while demanding funding transparency for others, has no transparency in its own operations.

Gen Prayuth blathered “[t]hese activities cost a lot. Where does the money come from? This must be checked out thoroughly…. Is there anyone behind it?” He implied that broad investigations of the students are under way. He added: “It is important to refrain from offences. That is not Thailand… At this time it is too dangerous, and unacceptable to most people…”.

In making such claims, Gen Prayuth is threatening the students, seeking to intimidate them, and denigrating their motives, painting them as naive children.

Update: The Bangkok Post reports that investigations against students who made comments about the monarchy are underway.

Nang Loeng police have summoned Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak and five other activists to answer questions about a July 20 rally. In a complaint made to police, Parit has been accused of lese majeste

Gen Prayuth says that the authorities – police and military – are seeking to identify people who called for reform of the monarchy. He stated that “those who rallied at the university made comments that potentially violated Section 112 of the Criminal Code…”.



One response

21 08 2020
Domestic and foreign ultra-royalism | Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] A pattern has emerged since the mid-2000s.  Emphasizing that the current wave of anti-monarchism is not new, in the past, the ultras respond to rising anti-royalism with ragtag and aged ultra-royalists and ultra-nationalists holding small rallies. As the broader establishment lumbers into action, these royalists tend to sprout like weeds and the military and other security agencies tend to choose the most viable for support. Ultras usually seed acts of violence, often with support from these agencies. Before that sharp response, however, there is usually a media blitz of ultras and other rightists and conservatives promoting royalism and “Thainess.” Often that includes trusted foreign commentators who are mobilized to “explain” royalism to a foreign, mainly Western, audience. Of course, the extremist version is peddled by other contractors. […]

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