Jao accused of lom jao

15 08 2020

Since her dalliance with Thaksin Shinawatra, and her failed bid to stand for a pro-Thaksin political party, “Princess” Ubolratana has been viewed with some disquiet by ultra-royalists, anti-Thaksinites and other yellow-shirted ideologues.

Ubolratana, who “resigned” her royal status but still enjoys her “princessness” as a member of the royal family and the king’s elder sister, has come under vehement criticism for saying: “All citizens have the right to demand and express their voice because the country belongs to the citizens.”

That support for student protesters amounts to blasphemy for ultra-royalists, anti-Thaksinites and other yellow-shirted ideologues.

According to Khaosod, Thanainun Thanintsinsakul, an anchor on the rightist Nation TV, accused her of an act of mutiny against her dead father:

Have you forgotten your father, who built up civilization for 70 years and did everything for his royal subjects? Today, kids high on sniffing glue and history and attacking your father, but you are agreeing with them….

Doing the student’s work, Thanainun decided that royalness counted for nothing telling  Ubolratana to “think of her father, mother, little brother the King, and younger sister” before speaking.

Thanainun later came to his royalist senses and claimed “his Facebook was hacked, and he denied any involvement in the incident. His account is now deactivated.”

Another ultra-royalist also undermined the monarchy. Songklod Chuenchupol, known as “Captain Poo Kem,” and who has a big Facebook following, was bitter: “When you were a teenager, you made your parents sad. Now that you’re old, you’re plotting to destroy your family and the country…”.

Interesting times.



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