Student leader arrested

15 08 2020

Most readers will already know that:

Clipped from the Bangkok Post

Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak was approached by a group of police officers and arrested in Nonthaburi on his way to a durian-themed protest. The arrest was captured in a video later posted on social media. The officer can be heard reading the charges of insurrection and blocking traffic….

The Bangkok Post reports that he’s facing sedition and other charges. It adds:

He was taken to the Samran Rat police station where he faces charges including sedition, assault and holding an event that could spread a disease. Dozens of supporters were gathering outside the station in the rain on Friday night to demand Mr Parit’s release. They cheered when he appeared briefly in a second-storey window and waved to them.

The allegations stem from a rally staged by the Free Youth movement at Democracy Monument on July 18. It was the first major protest against the government since the easing of restrictions imposed to stem the coronavirus outbreak.

When approached by police, Parit refused to go with them. As Plainclothes officers then “picked Mr Parit up by the arms and legs to drag him into an unmarked car…”.

Within a few hours, the Twitter tag #SaveParit had 1.6 million tweets.

The arrest came only a day after Parit and other student leaders used social media to raise alarm about unidentified men following them. The activists thought they were police. The police and Minister for Political Repression Gen Prawit Wongsuwan both denied this.

Regional police commander Ampon Buarubporn said he has no knowledge about the alleged operation…. He said: “I checked with the local units and they said there was no order to arrest them…”. Gen Prawit “denied knowledge of the rumored arrest…”. He declared: “No, there’s not. It’s all in their heads…”.

It seems Parit’s arrest was also in Gen Prawit’s head. It is clear that the arrest would require Prawit’s order.

Such lies are common among the thugs running the country.



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